About Us

The Trinity Touring club is a local sports car and auto racing club based in Redding, Ca.  We meet once or twice a month at the local speedway to race our cars.  It’s a lot of fun.  We have prizes and trophy’s for the fastest times and overall best drivers of the season.

Spectators and new drivers are always welcome.  Check the schedule for our next race or meeting.

What is autocross?

Autocross is an automotive sport where cars and trucks race one at a time on a timed, challenging course set up with pylons or cones to create sharp turns and fun straights.  A real test of driving skill!

Who can race?

Any licensed driver 16 or over.  You’ll need a good helmet (2005 MA or SA rated) –  loaner helmets are available.  If you’re under 18 you’ll need a parents signature.  Passengers are allowed.  We also have a special class for novice autocrossers.

What kind of vehicle can race?

Well just about any streetcar, race car, truck or Kart can race.  It just needs to pass the tech inspection  We also have an “open” class for vehicles that don’t comply with SCCA classifications.  Must also pass tech inspection.  Autocross is for auto’s only, sorry no motorcycles.  Vehicles vary from Mustangs to Escalades, Honda Civics, to Corvettes, even full road race cars!

For more info contact , Danny Ide, 530-410-2826